A Big Way to Improve the ROBLOX Catalog

Its no secret how bad the ROBLOX catalog is when it comes to shirts and pants. Tons of copies and irrelevant items show up when you try to search for an item. I look for assets to use on zombies for my game, and it is sometimes a very annoying process. For players spending robux to improve their character I believe it should be better optimized.

What’s the fix? Simply stop using descriptions for the search engine.

Since the beginning of the website people just add tags to the description so their items show up in every possible search.

Tags Example

The year is 2021, I believe it is finally time to address the catalog more. By making this change searches will be far more relevant. Players who want a specific shirt will find it much easier to find what they are actually searching for rather than a totally irrelevant asset that just uses the “tag” system to show up in any search.

I don’t think there is much argument as to why descriptions should be used in the search engine, this minor change could greatly improve the catalog.


descriptions are still very useful to find certain items in the catalog. I agree that they should remove them at least for clothing assets, since those are the items that are abusing the tag system.


I was only really talking about shirts and pants.


Any improvements that weaken abusers/copiers are great in my mind coming from someone who got their clothing stolen so many times that I quit making clothing all together. I think roblox gave up on the clothing section of the catalog a long time ago though.

I’m still holding out hope that someone at roblox will read this and take the initiative.