A Bodycam Game Made Out Of Free Models (Feedback) (Challenge)

I made a bodycam game out of free models, and I want feedback on it.

Keep in mind, that THIS IS A CHALLENGE, so this isn’t suppose to be some big project.

I understand it is kinda bad, since it is made out of free models.

BUT, it would be cool to see if I can get a viral game with free models.

You can be harsh, I want HONEST feedback.

Join it here:Inaudible - Roblox

I do notice that when you have the AmmoBox tool equipped, the arm is not visible and the tool appears to float. I believe you can fix this by setting LocalTransparencyModifier to 0?

First off if anyone hears that its made from free models he will dislike the game so dont make your game from free models also there are some bugs like if you shoot repeatedly the gun will go through the players body and if you want to make a game try as much as possible to avoid using free models

free models are just unreliable in most cases. Because they are usually unoptimized for most games (no collection service use), and are hard to edit. I wouldnt say there will be much risk in using free models because you can see how many scripts are in a free model and look through yourself. You are better of scripting and reusing models, or repurposing and editing scripts so they are more optimized for many uses (using handler scripts, collection service, etc)

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I will fix the recoil glitch soon.

I know, I should probably edit this to make it clear that it is made out of free models as a challenge. Thanks