A Build I Created

These Build Was Inspired From An Image Of Art From The Industrial Resolution


Hello Developer,

Thanks for reaching out to other fellow Roblox Developers on DevForums, since there’s people all aroud the world that are willing to help you with everything you create.

I am glad that you use images as a type of inspiration or reference, because that’s what most developers do.

There’s not much to comment on your build because this is pretty well made!

Keep on going with your career as a developer, since you surely know how to operate Roblox Studio!

Happy creating!



Please don’t be like this, constructive criticism is allowed, not like “bad and ugly!” Also, are you okay? You seem angary! :sad:


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oooo I really like the cogs. The part here:image Looks a bit out of place maybe add a little detail, otherwise great job.

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Please read the Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum, please be kind and don’t spam! -advice! Don’t take it so far so a moderator will have to intrude! Respect :sad:


I think this looks great. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


So Uh, I Was Not Expecting An Argument To Go On, What I Wanted With This Post Was For Advice, Like Tips And Stuff. Im Still Learning, And Im Not A Good Builder. Thank You @ralnbowdanfan8 For Responding And Talking Sense. Anyway Bye


Your build:

Is truly inspirational, even if it doesn’t look much in the bigger picture, I surely see the small details that make up a lot of the design, I love it and if I could, I would print this photo and stick it onto my wall :wink: :newspaper_roll:, well done but if I could give some improvement feedback I would specify that the material of the big block I do not know the name of unfortunately, (it’s wood) could be a bit different, maybe a different material, sometimes the toolbox is a great place for images for this kind of thing :happy1:


Thanks! I’ll Use The Feedback___

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The build looks simple, just add some more detail

Do you know what the machine makes?

There are some things I won’t point out because they already have been. Anyways, it looks good and simple. There could be a bit more details and more variation in the colors though. Good job.


Im Going To Rework On The Machine Again, As Well As Add Details, I Will Also Make The Machine Look Like A Power Loom (An Invention During The Industrial Revolution), Also There Won’t Be Any Colors Because The Theme Is Suppose To Look Black And White.

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I have idea for helping you, 0:
What is it? tell me?
The idea is to make it in colour and let the lighting handle the job of black and white, it may be hard to get the right grey from all colours, so maybe use ColorCorrectionEffect and Ambient possibly and others, i hope this helps

After About 1 Hour I Have Finished The Power Loom, How Does It Look?


WOW! It looks so much better! Good job, are you doing this for fun or are you making a game?

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With Color

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Here Is The Game Link - The Textile Factory - Roblox

I Might Add More So Play it!