Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum


Disclaimer: Moderators of this forum have the discretion to change/edit/delete any content they feel is inappropriate.

Global Rules

1. This forum is designed to foster collaboration and communication in the Roblox developer community. All users are expected to be mature and civil. Trolling, flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
1.1 Personal attacks are when something negative is said about a person, rather than said about their behavior or their work. Even if the negative statement is true, personal attacks are not allowed here. Stick to posting constructive criticism about a person’s behavior or work. Posts containing criticism should also include suggestions for improvement. This rule applies to individuals, as well as to groups and teams.

2. There are certain things that should remain out of any and all posts or threads. These topics include (but are not limited to);
2.1 Racism
2.2 Hate speech
2.3 Gender bias
2.4 Politics
2.5 Religion
2.6 Discriminatory language
These topics will be removed and can result in forum suspension or outright bans.

3. Keep discussion within the subject of the thread (on-topic). If you want to change the subject, create a new thread.

4. Disagreement and constructive criticism are welcome, but rude behavior is not. Insulting or derogatory posts will be deleted.

5. Every reply should have a meaningful and contributive response.

6. The private sections of the forum are mature enough for occasional swear words for emphasis. That said, do not direct swear words at other members or use sexual/extreme language.
6.1 Directed swearing or extreme language is prohibited on all categories of the Developer Forum

7. Spam posts and threads will be removed. Do not post the same topic repetitively or repeat the same post within a thread. Spam includes posts like “bump” or “first” that do not add to the content of the discussion.

8. Do not make posts regarding developer forum moderation. If you disagree with the actions of moderations on the forum, discuss it in private with the moderators.

9. If you have a critical bug that urgently needs to be investigated, start your post with the phrase “[ROBLOXCRITICAL]”. This is used to alert admins right away to the issue. A critical bug must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:
9.1 A reproducible crash (Studio, game or website shutting down or returning a fatal error 100% of the time when a set of steps are followed)
9.2 Loss of data (either through Data Stores or Data Persistence)
9.3 Exploits
9.4 Preventing all players from connecting to a game and affecting multiple Roblox games.

10. We take critical bugs very seriously and will not respond well to spam or inappropriate reports. Abuse of the system will result in punitive measures.

11. All memes, puns and meme related GIFs, that are posted anywhere else other than the lounge, are only to be centralized in a single thread which can be found here:

12. In every category except Bulletin Board, please do not post on behalf of non-devforum members.

13. Do not bump threads! (You are only allowed to bump threads if you have more information to add to the thread.)

14. Our community is gauged for Developers aged 13 years and older. Therefore there should not be any references to illicit or extreme content anywhere on the Developer Forum. This includes (but is not limited to) adult content and use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

15. You are not permitted to accept any kind of payment for using the Developer Forum by proxy. This includes creating threads or posts for another user. Additionally, you may not sell access to features you obtain through membership, such as Beta User features available to those in the member role set on the Developer Forum. Engaging in these activities will result in immediate removal from the Developer Forum.
15.1 You are not allowed to create new Bug Reports or Feature Requests for other people. This includes non-DevForum members and those in the New Member role set. Instead, please re-direct them to group-PM our Lead Top Contributors privately so their topic can be manually created.

The message title should be “Request: Posting Bug Report or Feature Request”. New Members should post their thread in Bulletin Board and link that in the PM. Visitors should include their post in their DM so that a Lead Top Contributor can post on their behalf.

15.2 You may make threads in the Bulletin Board section for other people, provided you are not doing so in exchange for money or anything else.
15.3 You may not make any other type of thread for other people.

16. Posting the content of private sections or otherwise privileged information posted within the private sections of this forum is a severe breach of our trust in you, as both a developer and community member, and will result in your immediate removal from the Developer Forum.

17. You may not use the Developer Forum to request donations, whether it be in Robux, real-world currency, or otherwise, or perform fundraising endeavors.

Public Section Rules

1. The updates section of the forum is readable by the public, and therefore has tighter rules regarding commenting. Normal forum rules apply, but there are several guidelines specific to this section that will be enforced strictly. Any violation of guidelines will result in immediate action.

2. No profanity whatsoever.

3. Threads must remain on-topic.
3.1 For example: If the post announces a feature, do not discuss unrelated features in the same thread.

4. Stay polite! We encourage earnest discussion of topics; you may disagree completely with any number of users, systems, or practices but we trust you to present your arguments respectfully and politely. Everyone’s opinion matters!

5. The public updates section of the forum will be under strict scrutiny; if a moderator interprets that any of these rules have been violated action will be taken swiftly and with no reprieve.

Section Specific Rules

Feature Requests Specific Rules

1. Please be considerate about other members who might have posted the same feature request you are asking for. Please do a quick search before posting in this section. If you see a duplicate, make sure to flag the thread and a moderator will merge the topic with the original feature request.

2. Always remember to post under the correct sub-category!

3. Post constructive feedback only in this section, and do not post things such as “I do not like this change.” without suggesting ways for improvement.

4. Memes, Puns and off-topic GIFs are not to be posted here and instead need to be posted on the following thread:
5. Please make sure to read this thread before posting in this section:

Bug Reports Specific Rules

1. Please be considerate about other members who might have posted the same bug you are reporting. Please do a quick search before posting in this section. If you see a duplicate, make sure to flag the thread and a moderator will merge the topic with the original bug report.

2. Always remember to post under the correct sub-category!

3. Please make sure to read this thread before posting in this section: Please Read Before Posting: Steps to Report a Bug

Moderation Review Requests Specific Rules

1. This section of the forum is designed for you to appeal moderation actions against your assets on Roblox. This is not a venue to discuss forum moderation.

2. This section is for questions about your recently moderated assets or content. For other moderation actions, please submit a support ticket and select “Moderation”. Report players violating the TOS with the “Report Abuse” feature. For stolen games, please submit a support ticket and select the appropriate option. We can’t assist with accounts or assets that don’t belong to you.

3. If you have questions about moderation in general please review our guidelines here:

Private Bugs & Exploit Reports Specific Rules

1. This category of the Developer Forum should only be used when a bug or exploit you wish to report could be used maliciously if posted in the public bugs category.

2. Please do not post about stolen games, scam places or off-site scam websites. Use the report abuse button.

3. What to do If I want my exploit report to not be visible to others?
Contact @ConvexHero directly on the Developer Forums

Bulletin Board Specific Rules

  • Please do not post off-site links in this section, as the content posted here will be shared on the Roblox website. Only links allowed are Twitter, GitHub, YouTube, Twitch and Trello.

  • Do not post about giveaways!

  • We allow users in this section to post on behalf of others. (Even those who are not members of this forum)

  • Please do not use profanity as the content seen here will be shared on the Roblox website.

Further information:

  • Developers in the ‘New Member Program’ might use the category to temporarily post bug reports or feature requests until a @Lead_Top_Contributor approves the thread.

If at any time you require assistance, have any questions or any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the Developer Relations Team. This includes: @DevEngagementTeam

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