A category for Investments in collaboration categories

As a Roblox developer, it’s currently really hard to look for investors on the forum using the #public-collaboration:public-recruitment category.

​Public Recruitment is the second most used category after #bulletin-board on the website. That means that there’s a lot of posts being added to it on a daily basis. With the current amount of incoming posts, the ones that aren’t bumped usually tend to sink to the bottom of the category.

We’re also starting to see more and more people asking for/offering investments on that category and they’re usually ignored since not many people is able to take the risk of an investment.

If Roblox were to address this issue, it would make looking for investments/for something to invest into a lot easier since those posts won’t sink and will be easily accessible for those who would want to return to the post later on.

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I don’t think we want to encourage these kinds of “investment” posts further by having their own category for them. They are condoned for now but all the topics I’ve seen related to that are immature offers and/or the people posting in there don’t really know what they’re getting into / what they are talking about.

PS: #development-support is the most used forum category by a long shot


Investment posts are now against the rules: