A Character Art Feedback

This art was made by me and was for a specific photo of one the now-monsterfied characters.

Look at her!

What should I change?


add some ears maybe? mmm also i cant really tell whats going on with the collar of her jacket

elaborate with what you said here

the a collar is throwing me off a bit

is it

or like

I just feel like her collar should be equal on both sides yaknow? cos its a jacket.

It’s a lab coat, and she’s leaning to the right, although I should possibly make it easier to identify so i will fix that

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yeah she seems perfectlly centered to me.

also is there any reason she doesn’t have ears? Or is that just a Roblox thing (like the nose)

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its my artstyle but i think i can make it more visible that she’s turned

This character art looks good, nice job on it!

Alright, so your work is cartoonish so I can’t give any advice regarding anatomy or correct facial structures. I like the hair I think it’s well done! Also, I read that you were trying to make a lab coat, but it does not look like one. It looks more like a scrub, and at first, I thought your character was wearing a scarf. I know someone else already pointed it out, but I wanted to say you can always look at references. Because as artists, it is important that the audience understands what we drew.

This is an example I found on a lab coat for instance, you can use many references and this will build up your art style even more!

Credits: Animalia-life

Another thing I want to point out is the small details, while no one will zoom in on your drawing with a magnifying lens (ahem totally not me), overall they will pile up and will affect your drawing if there are many small details that can mess up the quality of your drawing.

For example, this line goes from smooth to very sharp and pixelated. For line art, it is important that it is consistent.

Another thing is these overlapping lines, I can see that they are not intentional. I suggest you try polishing these lines, they’ll make your drawing 10x better!

Not a big fan of this shadow, it is too sharp and the placement is off. I don’t know where the light source is coming from. This is normal, I’m not the best when it comes to drawing shadows and highlights. But, learning more will always make your drawings look more rendered.

Finally, we have this area, I suggest you connect the lines together, while it is normal, your art style generally follows a more lined approach and it just looks like it has been cut off directly. Like you painted over it, and forgot to line the face and the head together.

Of course, I must say your character design looks immaculate. I like it a lot! These are some of the feedbacks I have. Keep drawing and your skills will always improve! Good luck!