A-Chassis anti-collide script stops working when car is kept in replicated storage

I’ve been testing vehicle collisions in a separate game and the cars are just kept inside of the workspace. If you use A-Chassis you are probably familiar with the anti-collide scripts people use. Mine work just fine unless I put the cars in ReplicatedStorage. Then the script just stops working.

The code is just the regular anti-collide script.

I have tried moving everything over to ServerStorage but that breaks the spawner entirely, and I’m not good enough at coding to fix it all.

disable it and try to enable it when it spawns into work

you can just add a new group in collisions and set the car collision group to the one you created

for me on novena chassis, pulling any vehicle out of serverstorage will cause the entire chassis to just give up on initializing. (99% of the time)