(A-Chassis) Anti-Loop Plugin

Howdy! This is one of my first A-Chassis plugins, and it’s called the Anti-loop plugin.

What does it do?
There’s this minor bug that not even a developer (as far as I observed) that uses A-Chassis had ever fixed aside from anchoring the vehicle, and that’s where it accelerates endlessly if you exit the vehicle while accelerating.

if you don’t get what I’m saying, I made a video for the plugin.

Here are a few things to note just in case you think that it doesn’t work:
• There must be a part inside one of the wheels called “#AV” when you run the experience
• The faster you go, the more time it takes to slow down unless AutoStart is disabled.
• I tested this plugin on the 6.81, 1.4, and 1.5 builds of A-Chassis Version 6.

I don’t know why nobody thought of this before even though it’s pretty easy to do, and I hope that nobody will encounter this bug in the future a-chassis versions since it’s kinda lame that you’d get stranded when you accidentally pressed exit while accelerating.

Thank you for reading this topic and have a nice day!


wow thanks and good job i am definitely going to use this next time :+1:

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I’ve tried asking around the a-chasis group for a fix for this problems but snarky kids that don’t know what they’re talking about always shutdown a solutions by saying “ThAt’s hOw cArs wOrk iN reAl LiFe!!11111”

thank you for this plug-in