A-Chassis dashcam script

Hello! I got bored and made a dashcam for the A-Chassis. Info & directions can be found in the model.

Not sure what else to really say, but I’ll link a video showcasing it. I’m not the best in terms of script organizing, but I tried my best to explain everything in the script.

I’ve provided 2 scripts, one with the info notes and one without. If you can, please give credit, but I literally won’t care if you don’t.

If you happen to use this in any of your projects, send me the link, or anything where I can see what you do/what it is! I’m interested.



the sound is only coming from the left in the dash cam view

That’s because the sound plays from the middle of the car, and the camera is not centered. I don’t think there’s much I can do about it but I might make it so that’s fixed because it is pretty annoying sometimes