A Chassis Rear Axle Steering for large buses

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    A Chassis Rear Axle Steering for Buses

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    So, i want to create a Rear Axle Steering for large buses

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    So, after doing research, i found out that in the newest version of A-Chassis has rear Axle steering, the problem is, if you enable this, al rear wheels will steer, and i dont want all to steer, so i tried a solution, a chassis has different names for wheels, FL, FR, RL and RR, but also has F, and R, so i tried modifying the Drive Script of A-Chassis so R wheels dont steer, and it works, but theres a problem, somehow, R wheels work like if they dont have suspension, they are just static, they work, but are in a static position, i have been checking their code and they have the same code as other wheels, how could i fix this? Is there another way i could reach a rear axle steering for just the last wheels?

try to find in the drive script a piece of code responsible for turning the rear axle and instead of RL or RR or R give RL or RR or just R (it should be around 350 lines)