A-Chassis suspension broken for the past 2 days

Since yesterday or the day prior, my racing game has been completely broken due to A-Chassis suspension becoming incredibly sensitive. Even just braking now breaks the suspension when driving.

This is very frustrating, as the game is currently trying to get players, but this bug is now leading them away.


I’m not so good with chassis. But for the times I used it, this bugged only happened when I forgot to turn off cancolide

Turn off can-collide where? Also like I said, I didn’t change anything to the cars at all in the past 2 days, and this is happening in the main game too, which hasnt been updated at all in like 1 week. Therefore, this is Roblox’s fault

I fixed it last night, basically a while ago roblox started clamping density values that are 0 to 0.01, but they recently changed it to support 0.001, which broke A-Chassis, so i simply changed the density values to 0.001! If anyone is experiencing problems with jiggling cars or suspension completely broken, go to the Initialize script and search for “PhysicalProperties.new”, and anything that has 0 or 0.01 below it, change it to 0.001

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