A chassis tuning several stats

Hello car people.

This top is based off of one of my other topics, “Same car or different cars”, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure changing horsepower also changes speed, however, due to the complexity of the a chassis tune scripts, I can’t seem to find how to tune attributes such as handling and other stuff that makes cars better to drive apart from speed and acceleration. Because the scripts are so long and uses terms that I’m not familiar with, it leaves me trying to search for these things for extensive amounts of time, but just ending up not getting my answers. Or maybe I’m missing something obvious?

search for variables like steering force/speed and suspension stiffness/damping

i just made my own chassis though

I sound like a noob rn but what on earth is damping? I am an a chassis tune beginner pls use simple terms

its one of the properties in the springs that should change handling

Does anyone else know other stats to improve car performance that isn’t speed?

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