A Chinese showcase I made

Recently, I decided to learn how to use terrain tools and lighting. My friend @leesu220 helped me a lot.
So…here it is! A Chinese Scenery- 平塔楼 - Roblox

As of now, it’s pretty simplistic. This took me about 3 days of work. I plan to add more to it. I also aim to make more Chinese themed showcases in the future since I’m Chinese. :slight_smile:



A Pagoda? Looks neat! However, I think it would be better to make the Roof with tiles. Or make a blue-ish color maybe? Other than that, the patterns match and the structure is great.

Looks nice but i feel like the fog and the ambient get in the way a bit.

The build looks really great! However you can fix the colors a little to make it look even better, most of your wood is between khaki and wheat-ish color. You should make the color of the wood between pine-cone and dirt-brown.


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I was aiming for a more golden color, hence the (khaki?) color. And the red is for the rim. It’s the lucky colors for china. :slight_smile:


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This looks amazing! I love the style of the project and the fog!

So, I’m still not sure what happened to that showcase but Roblox moderation placed it under review and just never opened access to it. I’m not sure if it’s because of the Chinese name for the showcase since I double-checked every day to make sure it wasn’t breaking TOS. I asked a bunch of builders on multiple discord servers and they told me this just happens.
I reuploaded it with a boring name now. :frowning: But it’s been fine for the past few days. Still sad about it a bit since I still believe the original name and game description was way cooler.

I plan to update it this week if I can and have the time to.

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Really great! Continue and make more things if you can.

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I plan on updating it hopefully this weekend with an interior.

A Chinese Scenery- 平塔楼 - Roblox Contacted them and the original version was finally off suspension. Now I can add updates, :smiley:

Looks fantastic. Only issue I have is the effects, they can look a bit odd and the lighting needs to be adjusted. Also perhaps some more shrubbery and rocks? Overall looks amazing.