A clean, simple, free game GUI pack

I’m releasing this game GUI set for anyone to use for any purpose without credit. Just don’t sell it saying that you made it, please.

If you want to use it as buttons, you might want to open it in photopea or photoshop or something and split up each image. I may do that myself tomorrow.
EDIT: If you’d like any of the words/numbers gone, just ask me and I can send them

Okie doke here are all the

individual elements

Uploading: chat.png…

And here is the .blend file for anyone who wants to change the font or any colors or scales.
GUI.blend (2.3 MB)


Pretty generous of you to offer these nice GUIs to the public!

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That UI is amazing! Especially for free!

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Nice! I may use these in the future.

I will for sure give credit!

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Wow amazing! This is a very clean and nice.

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Nice Guis! Good Job!

and thanks a lot for letting anyone have it :slight_smile:

I split the individual elements into seperate PNGs and uploaded the .blend file