A clearer way to navigate Creator Hub

Hey everyone,

We have been adding a lot of features to Creator Hub for all creators, and as it increases in size and complexity, we want to make sure it is always incredibly easy to navigate.

To that aim, we have recently rolled out a refresh of some key menus, with visual upgrades as well as improvements to information architecture!

You can easily navigate through Dashboard-specific features (such as Creations, Ads, Analytics, etc) with the new left-side navigation; which now also appears on Home, making it a lot easier to complete certain key workflows. We have also made the creator selector a lot clearer, so you can switch between yourself and the groups you’re in.

The experience navigation has also been overhauled, with categories and ordering that makes more sense - the idea here is that your more frequent access points should be higher up on the page (ie analytics) for easier access. You’ll also notice that the main left navigation automatically collapses so you can focus on the context you’re currently in - on desktop, all you need to do is hover to pull it back up. For smaller screen factors, the previous hamburger menu continues to work.

Ensuring easy navigation and great information architecture is a little bit like tending a garden - it’ll never be truly finished! The team is continuing to look at further places to improve; from right-click contextual menus, to further iterations of the experience menus, and eventually the top primary navigation as well.

Your feedback is critical for our direction and focus, so please take to the comments below and provide feedback on the recent changes, as well as any pain or confusion for navigation and layout that you hit against whilst using Creator Hub!

Thanks as always,
The Creator Hub team


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Looks amazing and much easier to navigate! I’m super excited to have this soon. Is there any given timeline for when this will fully roll out to everyone?


Noticed this some time ago. Definitely useful for quick navigation, although the double sidebar when configuring games is a bit odd. I still like it though, makes a lot more sense and its a lot more convenient.

Also, what is the “Community” tab on the top in the first screenshot? :eyes:

And actually, this was shown in the announcement about the new analytics tab as well (along with a more blue-ish theme):

Is there some more updates coming to the creator hub? Or are these just internal tabs that only Roblox employees can use?


For the updates that are in the screenshot, everyone should already have access to today! You can check it out on Creator Hub.

edit: looks like that is not the case, team is investigating


Do you mean at any time today or now already? Because it does not seem to be the case for me yet.


As someone who regularly spends a lot of time on the creator portal, this quality of life improvement is well appreciated!

Things definitely seem a LOT simpler and more organised. One small change I would’ve liked to have seen is more support for ultra-wide monitors. While the smooth animation of the side panel is definitely nice, I do have the screen real-estate available to permanently have the sidebar open; which I would much prefer.

Thanks for the amazing work!


Looks like it still might not have rolled out to everyone? Even after a full refresh, I am still seeing the old navigation experience.




This looks great and feels so much easier to navigate! I had a little explore after seeing the changes announced and it feels much less confusing to navigate.

Something I’d still love to see is a button on the top navigation bar to return to the main Roblox homepage. As we can go direct from the Roblox website via the “Create” button at the top, but it’s much harder to navigate back.


The top link on the sidebar. (although I see where the confusion came from, it doesnt really say that its the home page) (and is it just me, or is that the old Roblox logo??)


And that is also the older Roblox logo with the smaller hole, isn’t it? :thinking:


Oh my bad, I hadn’t even noticed that at the bottom of the sidebar :sweat_smile:

Feels somewhat odd that it’s tucked out of the way like that though - I expected something like that would’ve been in the top navigation bar, alongside all of the other navigation items which lead to different areas of the Roblox site (Talent Hub, DevForum, etc…)


Wow! Nice change Roblox, massive fan!


Hey first off great job on this looks great but I don’t see the general menu for creation in home page, is that out yet?


I love this. It’s WAY more easier to navigate, and much more user friendly. Thanks :+1: !



30 caract


Thanks for flagging - we’re actively resolving this


This does look really nice!

But I do miss the top nav bar being black, and the sidebar being a darker grey, was there any reason behind this?

guess i gotta update my creator hub theme for the main roblox website userstyle then :man_shrugging:


This change is nice! The UI is much more intuitive and pleasing to the eye. Well done, Roblox.

Just one issue… certain parts of the website don’t work so well for me. I have a feeling this is due to my screen size.