A collection of good roblox licensed music

Hello everyone! I’ve always found it hard to find good music that fits game’s theme in the licensed audio library uploaded by Roblox themselves. I, along with my friend @Mcsnappy have created a small library of roblox music by theme. You can click a button to copy it’s ID or press preview to hear a preview of the audio. I hope you find this useful!



This is PERFECT, I can’t wait to use these for my games!
You did an awesome job finding these.


Needed this very much for my projects that needed music. Thank you!

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Thank you for this amazing resource :slight_smile: I will definitely be using this in my game!

yo this is great

please add a lot more rock music or a suggestion: index all Roblox sounds (created by roblox) and add your own search feature.

roblox search is trash for audios and its a pain to find anything good

This is nice, and I like the feature to copy the IDs.

But I’m very confused why “Intensity” and “Voice Recognized” aren’t there… maybe I’m overthinking them.

Ive looked through the link but I can’t find anything that matches the game that I’m working on. I need a relatively fast children’s audio like in those scammy simulator games but it’s harder to find than you might think. does anyone have any suggestions?

What do you exactly need? I didn’t quite understand