A console.... but in roblox studio!

Hello Devforum!

I’ve been working on this console plugin for studio, and I’ve created the basics of the console. Right now, it’s modularized meaning adding new commands is very easy.

You can watch it here

Is a demo of it, currently it uses ping and clear, but more commands will come in the future. Here are some planned ones…

  • cd - navigate using the console
  • ls - list out all objects
  • rm - remove objects, and with a flag like rm -p will remove specific objects, so in that case all parts

And thats just the basic commands I add to plan

I just wanted to share what I’ve made so far and get some feedback!

If you have feedback/command ideas please let me know, I’ll add em to the list to create :smiley:


This is very cool can’t wait to see what it will look like when it’s finished but good work so far!

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