A cool project that im making :D

Heyo everybody!

I am creating a Street Fighter game on roblox, and I want you to share your opinions and ideas about it!

For now, this is all I have.

(short YT Video of how it maybe (maybe not) is going to look like)

If you have any questions that I can answer, just ask me anytime in the comments!

(Some feedback would be kool!)


I think it looks kinda cool. You could add a custom health bar.

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I did, I just forgot to put it onto the video since the gui for it was not enabled.


Looks awesome!

  1. Why did the camera do that when you jumped? It seemed like it glitched.
  2. Health bar would be awesome.
  3. Unique combos for each character.
  4. Combos?
  5. Players being able to actually have fun while playing and not feeling repetitive.
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First of all, I’d like to say that this game looks pretty awesome! I haven’t actually seen a Street Fighter game before on ROBLOX, (maybe there are, but its quite a niche market).


  • Animation is very nice, reactions from punches as well.
  • Character select GUI is cool.
  • Background music fits the Street Fighter vibe.


  • Not much to say because it is all you have as of now, but the jump animation over the fighter seems to mess up the camera a little bit.

Feedback for stuff you might want to consider in the future:

  • Having player health bars at the top.
  • Different music depending on stage (if you want multiple fighting stages)
  • Different animations with each character

I hope this is cool, this is one of my first official replies in the DevForum, as I have only joined this great place recently! :smiley:

The roblox recording system is pretty terrible, so thats why the camera looks buggy.

I do have a custom health bar, I just forgot to enable it!
Combos might come to the game, you might or might not expect it.

I will see what I can possibly do for the 5th one.

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Here is the healthbar by the way!

The 0 on top of it is going to be the score.
(Such as the hits you throw at the enemy and stuff.)

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Looks clean! Is there health regeneration?

Im probably going to disable the health regeneration and try and make it seem like a remastered version of SF2.

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