A Couch Pack ( Not For Sale )

This Is Just a Free Couch Pack! If you enjoy it then leave a reply!

It didn’t took me so long. The first idea of the couch was a little couch but then i wanted to make it longer!
The Item is not for sale so you can’t use it. You can copy it if you want to!
Couch Pack:

Enjoy the Pack!

( Edit: Please don’t start a clog in the replies. I’m just new to DevForum )


bit odd being able to see the seats, or are those pillows

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Those are pillows! :smile: I hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Its just the same couch but recolored

This is why it’s called a couch pack!

What is the point of multiple of the same couch though?

But usually packs have different types not just the same thing but recolored

Like a pack of chips, yeah there all chips but there not all exactly the same

I’m not sure! I just made this pack because i was bored :slight_smile:

Hello, I see that you’re new to the forums so welcome! The couch looks pretty nice, although it’s simple!
Some improvements I would add are some bevels, and maybe a slight curvature for the seat and backrest.

And for all of you suggesting the move the topic location, it’s better to just PM him to not clog up the topic.
And since it’s cool creations you don’t need to open source it, #help-and-feedback:cool-creations are for showcases and feedback.

Everybody Listen! Since I’m new to devforum i might be wrong! And still thanks for the replies :smiley:

This is open resource.
You need to allow the pack to be open for people to take.

That’s ok. Just make sure to always read the category descriptions and then choose an appropriate category for your work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea! I might update the couch one day :slight_smile:

change the color to less saturated it just hurts my eyes and suggest adding pillows to it

These squares on the couch are pillows :slight_smile: I might change the colors :smiley:

they are way too thin and why are there only a pillow on the bottom? there should be pillows on each side and the pillows are way too small and suggest changing the frame to a wood material

Okay! I’ll probably update it! Also I’m working on some new models!