A couple of my ball textures declined in game?

Hey, so I’m not quite sure why this happened. I joined in my game, and I noticed the textures on like 3 of my balls were blank. I read the output of my game and it said the textures failed to load. I tried rejoining, and then it worked. My decals weren’t deleted or anything, so I’m a bit puzzled by why this happened. If my player base notices this they might assume it’s been deleted or what-not, is there anything I could do on my end to prevent this from happening? Thanks.

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Can you provide images? Not sure exactly what you’re referring to.


Try reloading the textures into Roblox Studio. If not then I’m not sure what to say. Maybe provide pictures, and GIF’s so it is easier to understand.

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Was this in play mode or during a test during studio? The images just failed to load during the initial play if I read this correctly right?

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Well, this issue actually occurred server-sided. So yeah, I just joined in the game and noticed that the textures on my mesh parts did not load (some did but like 3 of them did not) and I got nervous that they got deleted. I tried rejoining and then it immediately worked.

Maybe a bug on roblox’ servers? This rarely ever happens. Probably not gonna worry about it, but if there’s some sort of fix to prevent this from happening I’d definitely look into that.

Thanks for the replies!