A daily dev log of my new game! (repost every week)

I’m currently working on adventure vania (Adventure Vania (Alpha) - Roblox) I will edit this and add an update to this post so it won’t be spam! I will also show shows some Issues too. Tell me which one you want to solve and I will make another post addressing it. The higher ones are the worst issues and the lowest are the less urgent.
Sword Hit Delay (REALLY URGENT)
The enemy isn’t moving with the gear I chose
How to add parts to enemies to make them higher poly

Daily log:
Added a new mysterious location
Added an npc
Spent 100 robux on an ad
Added music and loading screen
Hit 200 visits
Losing my sanity
Removed Loading screen due to issues with it being unessacary.
Fixed the black sky glitch.
More realistic sky
Flatter Terrain
Welcome badge

If you repost the same content every week that would be horrific. Can we have some images?
Plus, it would be better to make 1 topic and edit it every day/week for updates and images, but I know that you’re trying to grab attention.

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I will edit this and add an update to this post so it won’t be spam!


I update it every day and repost it every week because if a week or two goes by and no one sees it

I also put issues up so if anyone can solve them it would be

can you send the sword model? char

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I have all the scripts in this post: Post Deleted because no one responded

From now on just post there to prevent this post from being taken down