A Deathmatch map for a tps game

I’ve made this map yesterday, it took me around 10-15hours to fully made it only with simple block parts.
It is for a “Deathmatch” gamemode in my third person shooter game.

What do you think of this map ?
It look good ?
Do you like this map style 100% made with simple block parts ?

If you want to rate the map between 1(Very bad) and 10(Very good / Profesionnal) what rating you give to the map ?

I just want to know if i’m good at builder or not xD.

This last one is to show some characters skin and weapons skin, it look good ?


I absolutely love your weapon models and player skins. They show a ton of personality and thought. One issue I could see with this is how many parts are in the entire map. There is a good variety in color and models and nothing is an I sore in your map great job!

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Oh I noticed another small detail. I would make the map a little easier to distinguish which side your on. Maybe by adding some flags on the tops but I don’t believe this would have that much of an affect for a deathmatch map.

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It’s wonderful, the weapons and buildings are actually very neat and nice, I’ll give you some suggestion from here.

Try making something (parts, etc) slanted, otherwise it would actually look like a Lego game, haha. If you meant to make the map realistic, try adding some possible things and make sure to add a sky texture!

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Thank you very much for your opinion and suggestion !

I feel it depends on what style crygen is looking for but from the models I feel the blockyness works well with the models

Yeah, the map was with a grey sky and rain but i finaly deleted it and forgot to add another skybox xD

I was trying to made a map only by using simple block parts like “trove” game for example, without making/taking low poly models or slanted parts ^^

Thank for your suggestions and opinion !

That is how the map was at the start:

The skins look great but I feel like I’ve seen that map before. Maybe I just saw something similar. Other than that it looks great!

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Thanks for the comment !

Yeah you maybe saw something similar, chinese maps theme are a specific style then they all look like a bit same.

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