A Discord for Graphics Designers

Hello everyone, me and a friend of mine have recently started up a discord that not only helps graphics designers grow and improve but teaches people who are wanting to learn.

We are Home of Design
There are two owners basically Me and esHydra who is a long time veteran to Graphics design(I myself am a noobie but I’m slowly getting better)

We have stocks for those who are just wanting to jump in a improve their effects or learn effects(tutorials are not open yet)

In the future we also might allow people to come in and hire Graphics Designers to make things for their game but for a minimum of R$1k.

We hope to see you soon in our server soon!


Could you elaborate why? If an artist is willing to do something for 500 robux, why can’t he do it for 500 robux?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see the artist community grow, and i get that 1k robux isn’t even that much for the average developer, but it kind of seems like a weird thing to do.


I’d prefer to join a graphic design server if the people that initially set it up were proficient in graphic design.


Hydra is lmaooo.

I guess it would really depend on their skill level. A lot of my friends that do graphic designs are actually quite skill and are sometimes seen on the front page.

What about designers who don’t sell for Robux at all (like myself). I do USD only, and I know a decent amount of designers do as well.

You could say that esHydra is proficient, but their work feels ‘graphic pack’ standard in my honest opinion.

He may be a veteran alright, but you could say the same to anyone who’s been a graphic designer for a year. It doesn’t change anything.

I’d rather have someone who doesn’t have a sense of graphic pack styled renders mentor others with a discord server, sorry for sounding harsh :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I am there basically climbing the ranks in the discord that I started. Hydra at first didn’t want to because he has been through a lot with other communities he has grown rejecting him. I simply stated that it will be different this time and gave him owner of the discord since he has over at least 4 years of experience in graphics design, I recently just got into graphics design in order to someday complete my goal of producing a game only by me without no help what so ever.

I think they’re trying to make a


I know it’s 2 years later, though is this still available?