A Fan Made Spin Off Of Haggie125's Retail Tycoon (Feedback)

I had an idea to make a spin off to Retail Tycoon but have it be set in medieval times. The new items that you can sell would be swords, bows, crossbows, armor, etc. The decoration and furniture would change to. Full credit to Retail Tycoon would be in the description. Now it’s time for community feedback. Things are left out for a reason. I don’t want everything to be stolen.

  • This sounds pretty cool
  • Eh, I don’t want this

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This is just an idea, not becoming real yet. If you say you don’t want this, explain it in the replies.


I wouldn’t really play it, because it doesn’t look like you’re actually going to affect the gameplay much. A lot of people might actually want to play your game of course, since the front page consists of a lot of simulators with very similar gameplay. I’d probably want to play it if you added a new aspect to the gameplay, like the customers being able to fight against the cashiers, something like that. Hope I helped!


Yep, thanks for the feedback. Very cool

I can’t believe Alvin_Blox voted. I love his channel and he’s the only reason I can script today is because I watched his tutorials. If you see this Alvin_Blox, I love your channel :happy2:

I think I played something similar on Roblox.

Definitely possible since your idea is similar to Blacksmith Jack flash game

Did not realize that another game like this idea existed. That’s cool though.

What matters is your own opinion and your willingness to stick with it :slight_smile:. I’d not say this is necessarily the place for #help-and-feedback:game-design-support. Make the game, then ask for feedback.

Ok, thanks for the tip. I normally don’t have idea’s for games and I like some community feedback on them.

Nevermind I thought in your game you would have to smith and sell weapons.

I don’t think anyone’s opinion regarding your game’s idea would ever be valid. Right now, you just have a VERY vague description of a game’s idea. No one can properly assess how it will go for you.

Study the market, and arrive to a conclusion through proper analysing methods. There is a lot of REAL game design support that could be lent if you asked the right questions. Again, this thread is very vague so I see this as spam tbh.

Regardless, you’re new to developing so even if this project may not be material for the front page, you will gain immense amount of knowledge. There are a lot of game design problems (such as: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/game-design-obstacles-scamming-economy-inflation-etc/453023) that you will meet. Things mentioned in the link are things you could ask in this category. Not whether your idea will work or not. It is an entirely different story if you had a game finished and asked for feedback for it.


I don’t want the whole idea to be stolen. That’s why this is vague. I should of stated that. I will make an edit to my post.

Again, you’re not picking up the full message I am conveying.

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Ok, I will take your post into concentration and use it. Thanks for the feedback :happy2:

Do you need to make a thread for every idea you come up with? I’ve seen you do this multiple times now. Don’t rely on the DevForum to make decisions for you - come up with your own conclusions through your own observations of the market and the type of thing YOU want to make.

Most of the ideas people post here (Including this one) are very superficial and not well thought out. You need to think of the intricate nuances of the game, and stop only focusing on surface-level gameplay features. Your idea is fine, sure, but there’s not much to go off here and the Roblox market generally demands well-made games that have a clear gameplay purpose and are more than just “changed decoration and furniture”