A feature to Avoid Bumping

Today I was informed about bumping by a Great and very kind Moderator named @TaipanVII .

Bumping is where you basically say things on your portfolio like “Commissions are still open”. In my discussions with him he made it very clear that instead of bumping simple edit your post. Which yes I could do but I want to also have my post be up in people new page.

A simple solution to this is to make it so if someone edits a post instead of the last updated time be the time of the last reply make it the time of the last edit. Additionally a minimum of 50 chacters to avoid people from change 1 word and messing up Devforum.

You should add this because if someone makes a edit to a post it could be like a whole new post and they could be waiting on #help-and-feedback for scripting help and never receive the help. Also it would release the burden on Moderators like @TaipanVII from flagging these.

This is a much needed quality of life change on DevForum.

Thank You

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I was actually going to make a forum features post about this earlier, I think scripting support topics and bug reports should be closed after a couple months or so because I have seen people bump topics from years ago, so I support this feature request.


Yes agree I have actually bumped some on accident once or twice. But this would as be a great feture.

It would make the focus more on current problems and not passed problems.

I love how “Yes add this” is the only option :slight_smile:


I’m against this. This would only make people more incline to bump their portfolios for no reason. If you want a “safe bump” then I suggest maybe letting people know that your portfolio was updated or that you have a limited deal running. Other than that, the portfolio category would be a mess.


As @Krunnie has stated:

I agree, there is no reason to bump your portfolio. Portfolios should be used as a hub to store your information on what you’ve done rather than an active advertisement of your services.

Not only are there ways to add invisible text they could easily edit and re-edit the text.

Hidden test: (HTML)

<p> </p> <br> </br>

Still, bumping is actually a cause of developers loosing out on feedback to some extent. People may bump their topic covering other’s hindering the non-bumping developer’s post deserted.

Overall, bumping is not allowed and should remain so in my opinion. Bumping will create more negative consequences than good.

Also your pole is very one sided as there’s only one option in support. May want to change that…


This is also considered a bump

Then 50 characters of pure text aka visble text

“Also your pole is very one sided as there’s only one option in support. May want to change that…”

It was meant to see the support for the topic and if it is worth adding to devforum in some way.

Yeah that could work if it were for text not for scripts. The language I used to create invisible text was HTML. As the DevForum runs on HTML the text would automatically be invisible. Change the language, change the invisible text language. It’s not avoid able when it’s a script.

Still, very one sided. I’m sure there are people who disagree other than me and @Krunnie.

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Done that in the past a few times, as well as I, 've seen people do that in the past and I haven’t gotten any warnings or anything.

Its not one sided.

If you go to a pep rally or whatever do they ask if you agree or disagree?

There is no 1 sided you saying disagree wont change whether its added or not.

Its a quality of life change. Who doesn’t like a quality of life change?

Maybe only add for certain categories like Portfolio

Yeah. I wonder why it was just me? But anyways it is a rule.

(Pretty sure 9-10 Portfoilios have done it)

Due to a misunderstanding I want to apologize for having a one sided poll.

I will add a new poll to the post

Personally, I’m agree with it. One of those cases is in the Spanish category of the forum at the recruitment subcategory, the topics are not blocked and in most cases the users reply to this type of old topics or suspended users, another case in the global category (the which is in English) is that some reply to topics by breaking the rules (off topic for example).


I feel like portfolios are the only justifiable bumping. And it sucks when a 6 month old topic(that was bumped several times before that) gets bumped and isn’t locked because so many new posters post


I’ll be quick…

The best solution I see for people who are bothered by notifications of when a topic is bumped, is simply an option (of settings or preferences, or simply an option that can be enabled or disabled for each topic that the person reads) to disable bumps notifications (or for a specific topic, as I mentioned above)

Adding on to what you and @Krunnie are saying, invisible Unicode characters could be used to bypass the system the OP suggested. They could really just add 50 blank Unicode characters to bump their post. Since there are lots of blank unicodes, they could just keep swapping them out with new blank uni codes which would inevitably get us back to where we started. It would essentially just add a new incentive to bypass a system.


bug reports should NOT be closed after a few months as sometimes the same issues persist after monthsnor years without any kind of attention or feedback and go unnoticed, and instead of creating a new bug report with the exact same content as one already posted, sometimes it’s better to try and re bring attention to the old post

I don’t completely disagree with this one however, those bug reports should be closed after a year from posting so at least we can avoid people bumping something 2 years later saying that it doesn’t happen to them.

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