A feedback on my battle tank

Hey guys, my name is Scar and I want to introduce to you a tank that I had been building for over a past of 3 days, I would like have some feedbacks on it so that I will improve myself and become into a better builder.

Here is also a link to the game to make you look at it carefully



I really like the way that you have created the track for the tank, I also really admire the fact that you have added details to the front of the tank. A few of my suggestions would be…

  • Using darker colors
  • Trying to add a bit more details
  • Try to use more unions for the front side of the tank

Hmm… Okay, but I also realised when I joined the game, the union parts of the tank had disappeared, got any ideas why?


I think it could use some improvements, but it’s still alright.

Looks like you may have been going for the SU-152 Soviet SPG, so I would suggest the following.

  • The gun mantlet is really flat, definitely make it curvier, it would also help to add a small hole via negate parts to create a gunner’s sight
  • You wouldn’t really have the barrel a different color from the rest of the tank, so I would recommend making it the same or similar in color.
  • There is only one hatch on the top of the tank, this is not very realistic due to the possible loss of crew during a battle, normally there is more than one hatch.
  • The tank is awfully short and blocky overall, I recommend rounding it our and making it longer.
  • I appreciate how you tried to do the tracks, but the gaps between each piece is awfully large, try making it smaller.
  • I like the addition of the external fuel tanks, but they seem much too long.
  • Try adding some lights on the front so the crew can see in the dark, along with some periscopes on the hatches.
  • Try adding a muzzle break onto the end of the gun, this was a massive howitzer and would need something to help compensate with the recoil.
  • The suspension seems, unrealistic, this vehicle would have a very tough time crossing terrain, I would suggest adding more, smaller road wheels, along with the track moving part.
    (More coming soon, I had to quickly get off)

Here’s an image of The Self-Propelled gun I’m speaking about:


Thanks man, I will try my best to improve my tank, hopefully I will make it.

Amazing work man! The only things i’d recommend is to add a bit of a darker color and add a texture to it, otherwise it’s set to go!

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Alright, thanks for letting me know!

Hello! I saw your “Battle Tank” And I would just like to give some feedback on it! :smiley:

  • I think you should make the green base a bit of a darker color.
  • Make it look ALOT more realistic.
  • Maybe you could make a inside??!
    Other then that this is an amazing tank which looks really nice!

Okay thank you very much, hopefully I will do it.

Looks great! However, I would advise you to use a gentler incline on the upper front plate, and to make the gun mantlet more parallel to the UFP.

It looks nice but the shapes feel a bit off. Maybe make the front part more smooth?