A few people in my game keep joining, and they leave after a minute or so

[READ DESC] Project Roben - Roblox? This is the game I have, a few people keep joining, but they leave, and I don’t even know why. Because of the lag? Honestly, I think it’s because the game doesn’t have a loading screen.

Like, I know i’m complaining, but what is the point of a game if you join it and leave after a few moments? Honestly, I want at least some good results. People told me the game is rushed, because I had a big enough community for it (about 5-10 people is big enough for me), some person broke the other version, and then I had to make it.

Edit: It’s now much better, with a outdoor runner track and determined by Kohl Admin’s Speed.


I am pretty sure it’s because of the game’s design. I checked it out for a bit and I was greeted with a big giant wall right in my face.
It’s definitely not because of a missing loading screen, actually a loading screen makes people quit more often especially when they can’t skip the loading process.

What you should do is,

  • Make the game have a object to do,
  • Make the game’s object clear, the player should know right away what he’s supposed to do
  • Don’t overuse anything, the player can get confused easily even though its clear in your head
  • Simple design is what players want

Also what I noticed, your map is quite flat. You should put more effort into making it, a game isn’t made within a day. Put atleast a month of effort into making your game, learn about game design and you’re good to go.


Well, the game does have a object, to live like in a city. However, we’re building stuff on the game, like apartments, etc.

About the map, I really should redesign… I wanted to make it so the mountains would defend all the borders of the map, so people couldn’t jump off, but I will probably make the mountain a attraction.


As mentioned, this is the perspective of a user who has never seen your game before and I’m not the only one who will have the same opinion about this, when you enter the game. Make the object of the game more clear, add Ui Text instead of a big wall with text in front of the player.


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I’ve been playing for a bit and there’s just nothing to do apart from driving around
Also the map feels very empty, and not very well built (some of the parts clip into each other)

The point is that they’ve finished surveying the game and decided it wasn’t worth their time. This may or may not be reasonable in every case, but generally it works. First impressions matter. Bad games make people feel miserable. If they feel miserable for the first 20 seconds, why would they expect the rest of the game to be any better? They’re already going out on a limb to even try this obscure, unknown game. If it’s boring that’s all the more reason to go back to what makes them comfortable.

Then tell me what I can do. The game holds playing sessions, and without the playing sessions nobody plays the game.

Well I don’t know how to do, I only know how to build. And yes it is worth their time, they just don’t know the concept of the game. How do games like Autostrada A38 roleplay even get players then? The only point is to drive around in that game, and yet they get alot of players. Will making game thumbnails for the game help?