A few questions I have about my build

hey everyone ! I’m hope. If you’ve seen my previous topics you should know that I’m working on a map as a practice to improve my skills as a builder. I have a few questions that I would like some answers and opinions on.

  1. what should I do with the empty space ? ( images below )
  2. should I sell this map or try to make it into a game of my own ? ( and if I should sell it, how much should I sell it for ? )
  3. as it is a showcase for now, would it be wrong of me to add a donation board ? ( I’ve spent lots of time and effort into this and I just don’t want to add a donation board and get hate for it. )

If it’s a showcase, maybe add a park? Like a park with benches, trees, grass, small playground and a fountain. That’s the best I can currently think of. Looks good overall though. I wish you the best in the future.