A first step towards a tower defense game



I’m more posting this to ask a question than to showcase. I want to see if people are actually interested in tower defense games these days, and would you play one on roblox?

The vid shows just a start, no actual gameplay atm towers are premade and npcs spawn constantly,
doing it for fun because i am into tower defense games and I’m just wondering if there are other TD lovers out there


I love tower defense games, but you are going want a hook, something that makes it stand out.


Ye you are right, i searched tower defense and found a decently popular game with 4k players, where the super heroes are anime and comic characters such as war machine and deku etc. Can’t say i like it all that much, think the ui is pretty horrible and the tower placement abysmal, but still i don’t think my game would be as popular as i am not really interested in super heroes as towers, as that’s already been done so much

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There are any number of routes you can go. Better graphics, better gameplay, multi-player.

I personally would not go the super hero/anime route either. Got sucked into one like that on Facebook once, but it was shut down for copywrite infringement.

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copyright isn’t much of an issue on roblox xD still, i mean it’s not like it’s bad because of heros, it’s just really low effort, placement system is so lame and ui gets in the way. Overall my main issue is that you have a char instead of being just a floating camera like in studio. I like how Kingdom Rush has a barracks tower that spawns soldiers that fight and thus keep in place the coming mobs, tho not sure if i wanna straight up copy that. I guess i’ll think on it, try to come up with something really exciting.

How do you imagine multiplayer tho?

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Thats a good question. First image that popped into my head was like a reverse tycoon. Instead of 4 people around the outside of the circle attacking in the middle, they are in the middle defending. that would still be a solo game, but where you could watch your friends on harder levels.

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