A 'Folder' for us to actually host 'assets'

Dear ROBLOXians and Admins,

I would personally like a new ‘feature’ in Studio called ‘Offline’ assets. Basically a Folder in our studio install that allows us to put certain images / sounds / etc inside them so that we can load them without waiting for your approval. So basically we still need to upload them to ROBLOX to actually use them for our Players. But that way we can see what works and what doesn’t work without waiting for moderation all the time.

Example of usage :
‘I have built a wonderfull interface, but the Logo doesn’t really fit. I just change the file on my computer, click a refresh button and the new image is in my Studio’

Pros :

  • We can upload the images, sounds once. Instead of publishing it multiple times (Less space needed for storage, etc)
  • A shorter Moderation line

C:\Program Files (x86)\Roblox\Versions\version-46b9506cf3fc4857\content

Already exists. Change your image editor’s default save directory to that folder to make it easier. I’ve tried this before, and notice I don’t even bother with it – much easier to input an assetId than a case-sensitive name with a file extension, so I don’t see this being used in the long run.

Could you give an example of the usage. Like how does that actually functions ? Just filename.fileextension ?
Does it also works for Sounds, Images, etc ?

if I put an image in the content/Textures folder, the ID would be this:


Works for sounds, images, etc.

I would actually love to have this, something about navigating to the Textures folder and just throwing your textures in with a mess of existing textures seems messy and inconvenient. Then of course if Roblox updates those textures aren’t going to be there, something like the plugin folder that you can navigate to from studio would work well, or even something more integrated if studio team is feeling ambitious.

This would save me the time of making several revisions to existing decals, making of mess of my inventory.

Well, if you’d like, my studio launcher could always be edited to copy your assets from an existing location to the ROBLOX content folder whenever it’s started up :stuck_out_tongue:

Just saying, you can navigate up with “…” so if you want a permanent location for now you could just put a folder on your desktop with your assets and then navigate up to your desktop (rbxasset://…/…/…/…/…/…/Desktop/).

A streamlined process for this would be fantastic

That or ROBLOX could make rbxasset:// link to a static directory which isn’t in a version-hash folder. That would probably make it slightly easier than guessing the version folder.