A free search engine for AI generated Roblox Scripts

I’ve created a free search engine for AI generated Roblox Scripts, it’s accessible here: ScripterAI - Generate Roblox Gaming Scripts Using AI and has over 300 scripts currently. It’s growing by 30-50 scripts every week :slight_smile: Feel free to use it and join our discord as well: Haddock.AI


is this save to use because its a “new” account with almost nothing in his account?


You have a great point with this


Yea, it’s a bit sketchy for being a brand new account advertising this


It appears to be safe according to a VirusTotal scan.

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i think i can try it than thanks for checking but for safety im gonna do it on a alt lol

it seems safe , i checked, i don’t think we should worry about it, but always watch out for this kind of message

yeah, I thought the same. Really strange, a new account annoucing that.


I did a quick investigation, this is the person that created RobloxScripterAI.
I don’t know why they would make a new account, which is a little suspicious.

Now, I did actually buy a plan from RobloxScripterAI, nothing actually works but basic stuff.

It will barely work on simple scripts, and apparently, it’s connected to a ChatGPT API key, so the subscription service is pretty much a scam.

Hope everyone sees this before looking at this!


Y’know Roblox themselves are actually working on Generative AI for the Roblox game engine:


wow that will probably be better than ChatGPT. I guess we can say goodbye to all the Roblox plugins milking ChatGPT for fame! And considering its made by Roblox, it’ll probably work great with Luau.


Hey there,

Thanks for using the service, we’re using a fine-tuned model, trained specifically on Roblox Scripts - we’re updating it every week and it has improved a lot recently. This search engine I linked is free to use and we’re also hosting a free giveaway soon too. Hope you can give us another try in the future :slight_smile: This is my only account on devforum btw!

Also, ChatGPT doesn’t have any APIs available so far!


ChatGPT is already trained enough to create sometimes perfect Roblox scripts AND more. - According to HistoricalPooPantsz, ScripterAI is paid, and the service is connected to a ChatGPT API key, so if they’re not lying then you’re outright scamming people.