A friend and I are working on the Strasbourg Cathedral!

As you can see here, we are working on the Cathedral. I helped make the details and I am continuing to help him. (My friend’s username is DOC30001), we’re making this as we’re making the French Republic! I’m also Working on the Eiffel Tower, which is far from being finished, but I hope you like the Cathedral my friend and I did ^^


Woah, it’s so detailed. Pure lag machine…

We tried playing, and we’re issuing no lag! Don’t worry c:

Well it depends on device, mine isn’t the best and not even decent though.

As you said, it depends, but it doesn’t seem to lag for now. For the houses in the city, we’ll likely put texture houses to prevent lag.

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large scale builds like this never fail to impress me, very good work couldn’t do half as good myself

I have no other words but Woah and good job.

11/10, I’m blown away that this is even Roblox! :exploding_head: :+1:

Honestly it is stunning. That must have taken a lot of effort. Awesome job!

that’s so good it looks more realistic then the actual cathedral