A friend needs help with a Gun System

hello, One of my friends is trying to script a gun system but doesn’t have access to this category so I will be posting for him, this was his message

I’ve been trying to make a musket, and I’ve sorted out how I’ll make animation and everything and shooting, but I need to make it follow the mouse up and down, like CoderQwerty’s muskets.
I’ve looked at free models to see if I can sort of examine them, which, I can’t really understand them, and I don’t want to take code I don’t understand and use it.

Is this for guns using the Roblox tool system? If so, you can tell your friend to use this Devforum link I found that should help him figure out what to do


It works! My friend Messaged me, he’s extremely grateful and told me to send his thanks! ^-^

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