A fully solo made, realistic temple escape game

I made all the assets myself - no free models.
Please let me know what you think - this was my first large-scale build!


This looks amazing!
When i get a chance i will be sure to test it! I really like the realism on the bricks, though some other models snap you back into roblox haha.
Stay safe!


Pretty good, a few minor problems

You can see the baseplate.

A few cracks in the ceiling/floor/walls

Way too bright people. The dummies don’t have clothes?

What is this? Why does it float?

The vines don’t let me climb them.

Overall, cool build, besides these minor inconveniences.

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Yes :sweat_smile: I forgot about that - I’ll fix it.

Those were a bit hard to find - I fixed what I could but I’ll do the rest.

the reason for that is because if you go into full graphics mode, then the shadows appear and it looks much darker. But in low graphics then there are no shadows so the light is soo bright.
I’ll add clothes to the dummies though.

It’s like a spike wheel. It’s floating because…i dunno its roblox. Why are sections of the ground floating for you to step on.

It depends how you approach them. Also you can jump, slide in midair to get past that part.
Thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated!

Also incase anyone was wondering, it IS completable

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Looks cool! I’ll check it out later.