A game I made for a school project called ENDLSS

So I have finally finished this Roblox game and its good for the most part.Basicslly this game is called ENDLSS and your suppose to find the codes for you to win thr game. Keep in mind this game was made with a time limit for the development process so there we will be a few bugs im sorry but my teacher changed the deadline for this project which is why I did not get to polish the game.But I hope you can actually enjoy the game in a way. Here is the game link:ENDLSS - Roblox

Pretty interesting! I do wish it was a bit less directionless. It’s very confusing of where to go and what to do in the game when you could’ve gave the player a bit more directions, or taken away all directions and gave the player more free reign to explore and make their own discoveries. Overall, this was a pretty interesting project, but I still think it could’ve been a bit more fleshed out.


As I said I tried in the time limit I was provided might have to fix a few bugs and a few other stuff but I gave this project a good shot

I think what you are doing is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I never found the code but oh well. In my honest opinion, the maps were pretty bland and could use a bit more detail.

Have you checked on the walls the game might take a while.

Sounds like you kind of based it from mirrors?

Ehh its something different also for Mirrors I have been getting alot of work from school lately I have not been able to work on the game because of a game design class that wants me to work on this game.

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