A game idea I've wanted to make a reality for a while

There’s been this idea stuck in my head for awhile now.

About a game Called Dylan’s Dreamcore.

Long story short,

Dylan is a 22 year old man That came back from work late, he went to sleep since it was late,

He has a dream, that dream goes from a happy dream into a entire nightmare.

He checks outside, no ones there, Just cars, Empty road,

he tries too call people, no signal, he noticed he’s in a nightmare, he tries too wake up, he fails, he’s now stuck in a loop, With no “exit”.

He finds an old man after days of walking around,

dylan asks: Hey!, do you know what this place is?

Old man replies with: Well yes, But no, I’ve been stuck here for over 50 years.

Dylan replies with: Well do you think there’s an exit?

Old man replies with: No, i’ve been searching for so long, there is one way tho, its By trying too reach the edge, it can take who knows!, 500 years, couple hours, its a 50/50, You’re better off staying here, accept it.

Dylan replies with: NO!, There must be a exit!

(Thats it for now, i’ll update it later)

Edit: I’ve started working on it, any map ideas?


So why don’t you make it lol, I mean if you don’t have one of the skills needed for making it try making everything which you can use your skills on.

Like my title says, im a artist, GFX artist, haven’t made a game in awhile.

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Well, I like the idea and the concept. If you make the game like you stated above I would play it and I think that I won’t be the only person playing it because there’s not much story games in Roblox (I mean real story games). You should make it.

I’m assuming you’re looking for feedback on the game concept, since the intention of this thread is massively obscure.

I’ve moved this over to Game Design Support. Cool Creations is only for showcasing works that you’ve completed or are working on and are looking for feedback on. If your thread doesn’t have any content to share, it probably doesn’t belong in Cool Creations.

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wow, my game has practically the same storyline.
just mine the “Dylan” character is a sad husband who has just lost his family and is stuck in something he doesn’t know how to get out of.

I like the storyline its cool

Yah try making the GFX for the game, I mean did you try that?

It’s quite the cool idea. I like the storyline.
I think you should make it.

I like the storyline, however, be sure that you know how to script, as a game like this will require plenty of scripting.

Well, as you can see, My title is “artist” So i’ll need time too learn it.

For your starter scene I would suggest:

Make a mountainside road, a steep incline and a steep hill up, with a road extending into two tunnels.

So what’s the actual gameplay? The story is definitely an interesting premise but what would you actually do once you get through the intro portion? I assume by the story type this would be some kind of adventure/exploration type of game where you’re trying to find the way out and you have to maybe discover stuff along the way to help you?

I’m thinking a decision game, 4 options lead to your end, good, Hidden, bad, Lose.

Not much yet, i’m still thinking.

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Its a overall great idea. I think as long as you plan it out accordingly, and make the game very engaging to your audience, it will turn out amazing.