A game that went unnoticed

So, I’ve released this round-based game with my friend a month ago Cops and Robbers [Alpha] - Roblox.

The game is centered around 2 teams - Cops and Robbers. Cops have a role of stopping the robbers from breaching into the vault and taking the money bag to their base. They can stop them by either shooting or arresting them. Once arrested they can be freed by other robbers. While robbers have to search the map for the money bag in a number of vaults and take it to their spawn point.

Ideally this was supposed to be a remake of a once famous game Cops and Robbers - Roblox by RoyStanford. Overall I’ve had good responses about this game, though It’s been a month since the release. We tried having over 30 players playing at once but that didn’t seem to help, so we tried sponsoring, but again we’ve had no results.

I’m reaching out in hopes of finding out what went wrong, 'cause it’s really a shame to let a project of 7 months get down the drain(Not to mention the sleepless nights and effort that this game took). I’m open to criticism, ultimately that’s what I want. Any suggestions would be appreciated as well.

Thank you.


How much advertising did you put on the game?

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So a big problem I see is that there is up to 6 mins of waiting time for players that join the game. (5 min rounds and 1 min intermission) Not a lot of kids are patient enough for that, heck I was barely patient enough. Your game has respawn combat mechanics so it shouldn’t really matter if you add more players mid game so long as you are keeping the teams balanced.


Advertisements are a really big part of what makes a game, and if you didn’t use them that could be the cause. There are a lot of games out there and for people to play and enjoy yours they first have to know it exists.

Another potential problem that I could see is that when I joined it only had four other players, and the game has a capacity of twelve. Since it is a team and round based fighting game, having less people normally makes it less enjoyable (I know when I was young and played those types of games I would always leave the small servers). If you never had any ads to begin with and only had one or two servers running at a time, then that could explain why it never continued to grow naturally.


No adverts at all. We only tried sponsoring, which was 500-1000 robux

500-1000 robux once will only get players once, I would suggest getting an investor. You should also change the name to something more original.


Judging from your lobby and thumbnail the game looks really well made! I’m afraid you’re going to have to bite the bullet and invest some money into advertising if you want to get players in, but if you do a week solid advertising, and then reduce the number of ads over the following months, you should get a boost of players to get the ball rolling.


That’s your problem. I would suggest anywhere between 100,000 - 300,000 Robux on sponsored advertisements, spanning 2-5 days. Something around that is the most successful, but the amount you spent really won’t do much. I’m sure you’ll have good luck finding an investor, since the game is already completed. I would use #public-collaboration:public-recruitment or #public-collaboration (not sure which one for investors) to get some, and with no time at all your game will be on the front page! Good luck!