A GFX artist for hire


Hello! I’m amr. I have 1 year of experience on the GFX designing field And I’m open to comissions.

I’m mostly experienced at making Anime logos/thumbnails But I can also make realistic ones.

My prices are negotiable And if you didn’t like your GFX within a week of thecompleted order I’m willing to change somethings on it. Not re create it.

My payment

I prefer my payment would be upfront before starting. I don't need my time wasted. My prices aren't stable It depends on how hard it would be. I would also prefer you buying a shirt covering taxes than paying with group funds. thats all!

There are my minimum prices
Thumbnails are for 450-4000

Logos are for 400-3000 :robux:
I don’t accept usd

Examples of my work

Contact Me

My contacts right now Are only discord.

My discord is: Amr#9996

Estimated time of each GFX

For thumbnails 1-2 days

Logos less than a day


So, Thats it! Feedback of my work will be so much appreciated I Hope you like it Also, If anyone knows how to make my topic more organized and better please tell me. Thank you for reading my topic. I hope your having a nice day.
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