A GFX for someone’a birthday!

So I made a GFX that’s going to be ready for someone’s birthday. I hope feedbacks are left in this post to help me improve!


Some Helpful Tips
The sword is transparent which I’ve had happen to me when importing props into blender, easy fix is to go to the shader editor and removing the texture connected to Alpha.

I can see that you aren’t using a rig which I highly recommend, I personally use a paid one but there are plenty of free ones that are just as great.

The background is very bland, you can either import a map from Roblox as a backdrop and or use a HDRI which is very simple to use.

Along with that the lighting could be improved, the lighting can go a long way and is all personal preference.

A side note is you can make volumetric lighting really easy and can add a nice touch to some renders.

Other than that, it looks great, and I hope the person that it is for appreciates it and has a great birthday. As for you, keep continuing with GFX, it’s a great skill and you can make some great things with it!


Can I have a visual definition for this?

Well, I make a lot of GFXs involving Rthros, and there’s not much of the exact Rthros’ rigs, so I find it easy is to pose the model, then export selection it.

I like to keep the background dark, to make the GFX has like a semi-mysterious effect.

Can I have more explanations of this?

Overall, thank you for the suggestions. I’m waiting for your reply to see if you could answer some of my questions.

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Sure thing!

This is what it looks like in the Shader Editor for the sword that is transparent

What you don’t want is the texture connected to the Alpha.

That is quite understandable and if it works for you then that’s fine!

Here are some examples of the work I’ve done regarding volumetric lighting.

The use of it is more so it adds a colored fog look while also emitting light onto an object.

I’m only scraping the surface and there’s plenty of tutorials on all sorts of things you can do, I am also assuming you use blender and if not then my fix for the transparent sword as well as some of the details I listed may not work. If you have anymore questions I’ll be glad to answer!

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About the sword, it’s transparent somehow. I’ve parented that sword into the model, then export selection THAT model, NOT the model and the sword separately.

The volumetric lightning, I would like to add you on Discord so maybe you can teach me more efficiently. Thank you for your help!

No problemo! Also about the sword thing you should still be able to access the sword texture anyways, but don’t fully quote me on that.

If you’d like my discord is fr0sty#1193

NOTE: Sorry jackfrsty, accidentally replied to you!

@ItzMeZeus_IGotHacked Hey! You see this orange bottom node?

Screenshot 2020-11-10 183155

Delete it. That is what causes the problem. If it continues, refer to my tutorial on how to fully solve this: How To Fix Semi-Invisible Accessories When Rendering In Cycles In Blender!

If you are rendering with cycles, go to the camera icon, open somehting that i think is called ray tracing and set transparency to 0.
It’s more easy

for more realism, try adding some metalic and sheen to the sword

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