A gfx made for my friends

I made this GFX took about 2-3 days to complete but for what?

For my friends. For Christmas.

I made a whole live event present opening thing for them to show them the GFX so here it is the GFX i made for my friends…


Placements and stuff are great; only thing I would change is the grey background as it’s wayyy too bland.

Perhaps go for a log cabin theme background?


I cant exactly change it after ive done the whole event and given the gfx to all my friends also it takes place inside of a underground facility the snow inside is just fake snow.

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That’s fair, more of a thought for next time I suppose or if you were to recreate it. You want to make sure that there’s not too much blank space, even if it has some pipes or wiring stuff, or even ventilation just to build it some shape. :slight_smile:


Are u using R15 blender rings. Try to use paintrig they are kinda smooth joints. Add some snowballs to the gunner.