A good way to scale chat?

So I was thinking of adding my own chat system to my game, since I think the default one is really overcomplicated for what it does, and I also wanted to add my own features easier.

But one of the main issues is:
How would I efficently scale the chat Gui?

If I use scale for size and UiAspectRatioConstraint, I should be fine, BUT the chat would be tiny for mobile users.

What would be a good way to handle this?

Yes there is. I use this good plugin called Autoscale Plus. There is also a free version of it available here.
When you install the plugin, select all children of your gui and click the ‘SmartScale’ button.
Note: use SmartScale only on children of gui and not it’s descendants!

This is what I meant in the post.
If I scale the gui on my screensize, on mobile it would be tiny and text would be blurry

Instead of doing it manually use the Plugin.