A gui button inside a screen gui that's inside a folder object doesn't catch any input

I’m not sure if this is an intended behavior, but the fact guis appear inside folders would lead me to think it’s not intended.

I’ve attached the rbxm, drop in StarterGui and attempt to click and such, nothing will be printed.

broken gui in folder.rbxmx (2.8 KB)

This is a perfect example of why ui elements should not be rendered under the folder instance (or anything for that matter). My advice to you would be to not contain them within a Folder and consider using a Frame instead.

I’ll just wait for this to be fixed.

This is the same case for literally any GUI element. If you put a billboardGui or SurfaceGui in a folder or any other object besides PlayerGui, it doesn’t register inputs.

You definitly didn’t have any trouble with the “minimum characters in title” requirement.

I think the same happens when you use a SurfaceGui inside a SurfaceGui inside a …
(In case you want to display the same on several sides, e.g. those TV pillars in course trading stuff rooms)

It gets annoying for organization purposes. Id rather have then in folders instead of having like 10 BillboardGuis sitting in my PlayerGui.

Sorry to bring up such an old thread but is this going to get fixed? Seems silly to allow GUI’s to be shown inside of folders but not allow button functionality.