A GUI creation tool

For my latest project, I wanted to come up with some original interface by using rotated guis. But let’s face it… Using rotated GUI’s in studio is a real pain. That’s why I’ve made a quick gui creation tool. It allows you to easily make interfaces such as this…

Or this…

Or even this…

Since I’m probably not the only one who’s trying to use GUI rotation more easily, I thought I’d share it with you guys. Here’s the link ! (Open that place in build mode, or with a tools -> test -> Play solo)


That interface looks NICE.

Just imagine it with 3D parts on it too… showing things such as damaged parts of stuff…


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so sexy

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oh maaaaaan that is hot

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It’s…it’s…it’s beautiful. :woohoo:

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Can I suggest a rotate tool too

Pretty cool, you should turn it into a plugin - might actually become quite popular. :slight_smile:

Create a video of using it and post it on YouTube, please. I can’t test it myself right now.