A Guide to ChangeHistoryService



Imagine the scenario: You’ve made the plugin of your dreams, and the first time you use it, it completely ruins your game. No problem, you can just undo… oh no, you can’t undo! If only you had watched a very specific tutorial explaining how to use ChangeHistoryService! As always, feel free to ask any questions.


This is awesome :pray:! Most of the plugins I use don’t utilize ChangeHistoryService which makes it very difficult to use them for building. I will build this into my plugin now!


I just tested it out now, it already works in the command bar. :+1:


Really cool!


I’m honestly surprised how little plugins use ChangeHistoryService. Many extremely popular plugins i’ve used before don’t even use it (I’ve modded a lot of plugins just to add ChangeHistoryService to them which I really shouldn’t need to do)


I didn’t even know ChangeHistoryService existed!!