A Guide to CoreGui (+ Part Counter Tutorial)

Widgets are great for embedding control panels into the Studio interface, but what about embedding in the game window? CoreGui will help you do just that! This video also includes a step-by-step walkthrough of how to make a part counter plugin. As always, feel free to ask questions below.


You should utilize the DescendantAdded event to update automatically rather than using a loop. Other than that, great tutorial.


I originally did do that, but I ran into some problems. Using DescendantAdded() and DescendantRemoving() would fire the update function every time a brick was added/removed–every time. If I deleted a hundred or so bricks, the game would freeze for a few seconds. If I deleted two thousand bricks at once, the game crashed and I had to force close it. (Normally I’m able to delete upwards of 20,000 bricks without too much issue.) I meant to bring this up during the tutorial, but I guess I forgot. Great question, though!