A Guide to GlobalSettings



Learn how to manipulate the very settings of Studio to your own advantage, and become all-powerful! Okay, maybe not all-powerful, but… well… never mind. Feel free to ask any questions.


Thanks for this!


Keep making tutorials! I love that you’re doing this. :slight_smile:


oh ok.

I didn’t even know GlobalSettings existed, just that you could edit them from the File menu.

Awesome tutorial. :+1:




Is there any settings in particular that you think could be useful to plugin devs? I’m not sure making plugin actions and/or buttons to print and toggle settings will get very far…


You bet! There are all kinds of opportunities to be found.

@BanTech created this fantastic editor theme plugin:

I made a plugin to change the render quality, which was going to be the original example for this tutorial:

I’m pretty sure there’s some plugin to be made with the camera speed properties:

Just look around, you’re bound to find something that can benefit from a plugin.


Thanks for the clarification. I’ll be sure to look into the settings you linked.

Edit: I see some of the opportunities that can be done with these. Thanks for the tutorial and keep up with the good work!