A "Help my X has been stolen!" category

If I’ve noticed anything on the rise it’s there’s a rise of posts with the “Help my X or Y has been stolen!” I think we should add a new category for it or make it a sub category under #moderation-review-requests this would make it easier to keep them all together, organised and hopefully people don’t panic as much then.


Aren’t these kind of problems supposed to be mailed to info?

They are, but I found it near impossible to get help there. Posting here on the forum, on the other hand, got the stolen assets taken down within a couple hours.

I’ve experienced this too. It really is a shame we have to resort to posting to incorrect parts of the forums because there’s no proper channel to deal with this. I feel especially bad for those without access to the devforums, as they’re really without help in this situation

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Considering the maximum turnaround times for the first robot-like response and the second response are 3 and 7 days respectively, a 2 to 10 DAY turnaround time is terrible for the money and people you lose.


Instead of posting it on the forum, you can shortcut it by bringing it up to the developer relations team. (i.e. Nightgaladeld, Lilly_S, KnowDaGame) They can forward your issues to the right people, or redirect you to the right channels. They would probably be the first staff members to see any thread you post, anyway.

Moreover, apart from it being a shortcut, it would (1) save some clutter on the forum, and (2) you don’t have to publicise that your stuff got stolen / you did something irresponsible to get your account taken over.


If you have to make posts such as these, the most appropriate place to do so is on the “Lounge” category.

What’ll happen most often going forward is a member of the Developer Relations Team will see if we can help ourselves and if not will redirect you to the right people. Once done, that particular thread will be locked as further discussion is unnecessary and has been addressed by the Staff.

You’re also welcome to bring this to us privately if you don’t want it to be public and stuff.

As for a particular category for these posts, I think that’s unnecessary considering the posts aren’t physically dealt with here like moderation complaints are, you’re usually just going to be referred on with posts of a similar title to the one you’re referencing.