A humane prison like game: what are your thoughts?


After I watched about how humane the prison system is in some Scandinavian countries compared to the U.S. I had thought about making a jailbreak like game, but based off the Scandinavian systems.

I would like to hear your thoughts about it, and what would like to see in that game?

I don’t care if its a hangout like game.

For me, that doesn’t sound very fun. Just sounds like a hangout place that just happens to be a prison.

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Well, when I think of humane prison, I think of just a normal typical building but prisoners just go to sleep at certain times and do tasks sometimes. I have no idea what these prisoners would do other than just talk to each other. Because it’s a humane prison, there really shouldn’t be any guns or anything for the guards and prisoners don’t exactly have any reason to escape.

Just seems like a typical hang out game but you force it to be a prison.


I don’t know what the prisoners will do than just eating and sleeping. I am not a big fan of hangout games.

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