A label still visible when BillBoardGui reach it max range

So my friend and me have a name tag BillBoardGui, it contain the name tag, group role icon, and rank tag. I don’t know why, but every time the BillBoardGui’s MaxDistance property reach it limit, the name tag still visible and other don’t. As you can see in the picture that have green dot, that is me when I didn’t zoom the camera out yet. But when I zoom the camera, this is what it’s look like in the picture of the red dot…


Can you send a screenshot of the Properties tab with BOTH BillboardGuis selected in the Explorer?

Btw, there is only one BillBoardGui that have tons of UIs object in it :slight_smile:

Here is my properties screenshot of the BillBoardGui :slight_smile:

I’m trying to understand how some UI elements dissapear but other do not in the same BillboardGui. Are you sure “NameTag” is the Gui shown in the 1st image?

Yes, I’m 100% sure it is the property of the NameTag BillBoardGui :slight_smile:

Does the Name UI eventually dissapear at a distance? Or just stays there? Would you mind checking in a live test session a player’s head or torso or whatever part you adorneed the UI to, and check if there are more billboards?

Yes, It eventually disappears at a distance.