A less strict filter system on ROBLOX

I’m making a drafting hall for my hockey game, but when I sensor the text that the person selecting makes, it starts censoring usernames like Darkmist101 and co1t. Is there a text filter system that isn’t as strict?

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Not 100% sure but maybe you can change the original censoring script

Not in the actual chat, I have a script that takes the text from a box given to the player making their pick in the draft, then it censors it and broadcasts it on a giant board in front of everyone. But literally everything gets censored.

You don’t have filter usernames unless they’re inside a sentence. Maybe you could make them select a player via GUI so it shows up separately.


Originally, that was the plan, however, if a player they want to pick for the league isn’t in the server, that disables them from doing so.

maybe filter seperate parts of it and use string joiners inbetween to add the username?

You could use HttpService to grab a list of players from a spreadsheet or from a group for example.

That would be helpful, but I don’t wanna force people to sign up for a league, that just shuts out players who wish to join later but cannot until the end of said season.